Protect your crews and passengers

Shock Mitigating with WBV Seating Systems

Plus Extra Comfort and Care

Protect your crews and passengers

Shock Mitigating with WBV Seats

With Extra Comfort and Care

Luxury Leisure

Shock mitigating boat seat with added comfort


Shock mitigating boat seat with added comfort

Defence & Security

Shock mitigating boat seat + WBV care and 4-point harness

Discover how to minimise the risks of whole body vibration (WBV) and comply with health and safety regulations (see HSE ALARP info). VSS shock mitigating boat seating systems combine proven ‘seated’ care and protection with award winning Mouletec® comfort and  innovative SeaSure WBV technology.

VSS Lighweight Seat

  • Robust ultra lightweight modular design
  • Stainless steel fittings
  • EC vibration compliance
  • Aggressive side restraints protection from wave impacts
  • Optional head restraints
  • Inertia reel 4, 5 point harness
  • Nato STANAG accreditation
  • Multi-purpose applications
  • Hot salt spray high humidity passed
  • Anti-blast seat pedigree
  • UK manufacture
  • International patents
  • Tailored uphostlery

Mouletec Comfort

  • Creates better weight distribution away from painful IT pressure points
  • Improves blood flow throughout the body.
  • Eases sitting for long periods
  • Extra comfort, less drowsiness
  • Chartered osteopaths’ award winning design
  • NHS collaboration and testing
  • Aircraft seat, wheelchair cushion, medical mattress, stadia seating pedigree

SeaSure Mitigation

  • Mitigates whole body vibration
  • Added comfort in rough waters
  • Built-in lateral stability
  • 10g to 2.5g shock reduction
  • 83mm travel
  • Fox factory damper
  • Tough lightweight construction
  • Easy weight/conditions adjustment
  • In operation worldwide
  • UK manufacture

Triple Lock Comfort & Care

The VSS shock mitigating boat seats offer the safest and most comfortable rides for any sea condition. In addition to the VSS LCS (lightweight crew seat) base structure, the safety and comfort is supplied by 3 unique complimentary systems - Mouletec cushioning, OMEGA seat inserts and SeaSure suspension

Comfort * Care Level 1

The award winning MouleTec® pressure relief cushioning system.

The system was invented by a reknown osteopath, checked by physiotherapists, built by seating engineers  and MHRA approved.  Mouletec cushioning relieves pressure on the body’s  ischial tuberosities (ITs) to improve blood flow throughout the body. Crews and passengers experience more comfort and a general improvement in wellbeing.

2) OMEGA Seat Inserts

omega seat insert

Comfort * Care Level 2

The new OMEGA seat insert system.

Strategically placed inside the seat cover, below the Mouletec cushion OMEGA units offer extra comfort and care against repeated wave vibrations. Hard wearing rubber material bends supporting the body during wave impacts. It rapidly returns to full height in time for the next wave impact. They help compliance with EU Vibration Directive 2002/44/EC

3) SeaSure WBV Suspension

Boat seat shock absorber

Comfort * Care Level 3

The unique SHOCK-WBV suspension system.

Placed between the seat base and the deck, this system protects the passenger during the more aggressive vibrations and large shocks created by heavy seas.


Our shock mitigating boat seats can be included in a new project or used to replace existing seats.  All our seats feature Mouletec and are tailor-made to the individual boat and end-user needs.  We can also supply OMEGA and Shock-WBV products to upgrade your existing seating systems including jockey seat installations 

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