How to Protect and Care for Passengers

With Safety Critical Seating from VSS

How to Protect and Care for Personnel

With VSS Safety Critical Seating

  • Seats for armoured vehicles
  • Tailor made to end user needs
  • Troop, driver and commander versions
  • Super lightweight from 17kg 
  • Anti-blast STANAG 4569 accreditation
  • Mouletec comfort and care
  • Protection in vehicle rollover, collisions and overhead tree strikes
  • Rapidly convert logistic trucks to personnel transport
  • Modular 4 and 2 person versions 
  • Secure lock down
  • Nato listed
  • Mouletec comfort and care
  • Robust ultra lightweight modular design
  • EC vibration compliance
  • Aggressive side restraints protection from wave impacts
  • Optional head restraints
  • Inertia reel 4, 5 point harness
  • Hot salt spray high humidity passed
  • Mouletec comfort and care
  • Pressure relief comfort and care
  • Invented by osteopaths
  • Developed by seating professionals
  • NHS and EU checked
  • Regulation compliant 
  • Award winning innovation
  • Many applications
VSS vehicle seat safety design

Innovative Seating Solutions

  • Design Engineers  – Automotive Background
  • Manufacturing Management
  • Professional Project Managers
  • R&D Processing
  • Established Supply Chain
  • Concept to Finished Goods
  • Installation, Training, On-going Support 
  • Award winning Mouletec cushioning technology
  • Security, Aviation, Healthcare, Leisure, Travel 
  • Established 2008
  • HQ – Brentwood
  • Engineering – Redditch
  • International Blue Chip Clients and MODs Worldwide
  • International Licensing Agreements
  • Worldwide Patents

Safety Critical Seating

People need good quality seats for comfort,  safety and wellbeing. Travelling at speed in rough conditions on land and sea with variable violent vibration and sometimes hostile environments requires extra safety critical seating for personnel protection, healthcare and survivability.

When designing seats, we need to  take account of overall ergonomics, design constraints, maneuverability and weight.

VSS International Limited (VSSI) design and manufacture safety critical seating. Very often with vehicle design, the seating needs of drivers and passengers are a last thought. At VSSI, we believe that supplying the very best in seated safety and comfort leads to happier, healthier better protected travelers and more cost effective seating solutions. What’s more in today’s litigious society employers need to be aware that poor seats could be the cause of serious injuries or worse.

Safety critical seats and seating systems tailor-made for end user comfort and care

Catering For Basic Physiological Needs

There are two basic requirements:

  1. People need to be protected against injuries from accidents, collisions, continuous whole body vibration (WBV) and large shocks.
  2. People travelling for long periods need to be comfortable and to arrive without the stresses, aches and pains associated with poorly designed seats.

Many seats take little account of physiological needs. Prolonged sitting in poorly made chairs can be extremely bad for health. Most lower back conditions are aggravated by long periods of seated posture. Muscles become acclimatised to being in a certain position and can begin to feel tired and stiff. Continuous  whole body vibration gradually increases pressure on the lower back leading to pain and discomfort.

Getting up and moving around every so often helps but better seat design will alleviate potential muscular back pain condition.

Safety critical seat development using FEA LS Dyna simulation

Blue Chip International Sales

In the main, VSSI design and manufacture seats and seating systems for the defence and security markets. We work with vehicle manufacturers and with end users.

Our seats feature in some of the latest developments in armoured personnel carriers,  fighting vehicles, military personnel transport and support vehicles.

As budget cuts hit defence forces around the world, our seats are ideal for vehicle upgrades and refurbishment.

VSSI customers include The British Army, Finnish Defence Force, FNSS, General Dynamics, Ricardo, Centigon, Renault, Armor Group, SVOS, Tata, NIMR, HSW, Zetor, Tatra, Jelcz, RABA. All VSSI seats and systems are custom made to individual vehicle specifications and end user needs. We supply seats throughout the VSSI world wide sales network.

Many countries seek to ensure as much of their defence budgets as possible are spent in country. To enable this, VSSI have set up international licencing agreements.

Safety Critical Seats Have Worldwide Demand

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