VSS Seats Save Soldiers Lives

VSS ROPS saved lives in a Finnish Army rollover accident

FDF troop transport truck rollover accident Nov 30 2020

VSS ROPS protect personnel in military vehicle rollover accident Finland Nov 30 2020

source: Kainuun Sanomat

VSS ROPS with FDF soldiers protected and seated comfortably

FDF military personnel in VSS rollover protection seating

VSS rollover protection system saved lives of 14 Finnish Army conscripts

Five FDF conscripts were injured on Monday (30th Nov 2020) morning on Pohjospuolentie in Kuhmo, Ala-Vieks, when a Kainuu Brigade crew car derailed and crashed into its roof.

There were a total of 14 conscripts on board the truck, three of whom traveled in the cabin of the car and the rest in the rear. The injured conscripts were taken to Kainuu Central Hospital in Kajaani.

The conscripts who survived the injuries also visited the Kuhmo health station. They also receive crisis assistance from the brigade’s social curators and priests in either Kajaani or Vuosanga.

When the rescue department arrived at the scene, all but one of the passengers had got out of the vehicle. “The modular system of truck passengers helped a lot here”, says Petri Vehniäinen, the firefighter on duty at the Kainuu Rescue Department.

The seat modules have been in service with the Finnish Defense Forces since 2010. The rollover protection system (ROPS) was designed and manufactured by Vital Seating & Systems Ltd, UK. Since their introduction, the VSS ROPS have saved several FDF lives, including those in a serious collision with a train on a level crossing in 2017 more info…..

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