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Comfort And Care For All ​

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Mouletec Ischial Tuberosities

Improve comfort, safety and healthcare​

  • Unique design manages pressure on ischial tuberosities (ITs) or ‘sit bones’
  • Reduced pressure improves blood flow and nervous innervations in legs
  • Automatically adjusts seating posture to optimum position.
  • Alleviates physiological conditions associated with circulation, such as DVT
  • Cuts drowsiness and improves alertness
  • Invented by seating medical practitioners

Pressure mapping before and after on a torso clearly shows how Mouletec makes sitting more comfortable

Mouletec Pressure Mapping

Research and Development​

  • Checked by NHS and university research departments
  •  MHRA registered
  • Anti-decubitus approved
  •  XSensor Pressure mapping
  • Durability tests-   80,000 cycles over 24 hours
  • Vibration tests
  • Drop tests
  • End user trials
  • Worldwide patents 
Unique pressure relief cushioning technology

How Mouletec Concept Works

The MouleTec concept is based around special geometric shapes and differing spring rates provided by the material. Therefore it can be manufactured from all kinds of foam such as :-

  • Polyurethane
  • Low resilience
  • Graphite suspended
  • Silicone

MouleTec cushions sets can be produced in a wide variety of materials to cater for any legislation compliance. Including fire, smoke and toxicity compliant materials for air or rail applications (Fire regs BS476 part 7 and Smoke & Toxicity BS 6853 – 1999).

The manufacturing process utilises all current forms of production techniques, These include machine cut, moulded and dual shot technologies.

Mouletec Versatility

Mouletec Applications

The Mouletec cushioning technology can be applied to any situation where people are sitting for relatively long periods. Applications include:

  • Vehicle seats
  • Military seating systems
  • Aircraft seats
  • Shock mitigating boat seats
  • Stadium seats
  • Office furniture
  • Mattresses
  • Wheelchair cushions
  • Rise/recline chairs
  •  Sports exercise recovery aids
  • Travel cushions
  • Loose cushions

Hard seat concept

Although mainly used in foam type seats,  the Mouletec technology has been  adapted for use in hard (non-foam) seat products. The patented Mouletec design built into plastic, metal or wood seat pans will relieve pressure on ITs promoting good blood flow and comfort similar to standard ‘foam’ cushions.

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