Personnel protection + ride comfort

Safety critical seats tailored for end user and vehicle needs

János Torma, Managing Director, RABA Vehicle Ltd, said “By integrating VSS’s lightweight blast mitigating seats into our H-truck, we have shown we can deliver Nato approved blast protected troop transport ”

Lightweight crew seats for armoured vehicles

VSS Lighweight Crew Seats for Armoured Vehicles
Armoured vehicle anti-blast turret seat variations

Tailor made lightweight compliant seating

  • Reduces load on passengers spine and pelvis
  • Primary and secondary blast mitigation
  • Achieved STANAG 4569 anti-blast accreditation
  • Blast attenuation with VSS’s patented mitigation system ECD Tech (Energy Controlled Deformation Technology)
  • No gas struts, dampers or other active components
  • Super lightweight construction using high strength alloys.
  • Wrap around head & lateral restraints
  • Sacrificial parts
  • Custom made for many applications
  • Adaptable to a variety of platforms
  • Space saving folding and easy removal capabilty
  • MouleTec® cushioning technology
  • Troop, turret operator,  driver and commander versions
  • Floor, ceiling or bulkhead mounted
  • Integral harness, static or retractable, 3, 4 or 5 point
  • Tailored to vehicle and end user need

Blast mitigating seat protection

The VSS ECD Tech Lightweight Crew Seat with blast mitigation is now established as a world leading safety critical seat for armoured vehicles. Its modular  design means it can be easily and rapidly adapted meaning VSS seats can be tailor made for any vehicle or any end user requirement.

From concept to in-service solutions using CAD, FEA prototype development,  Millbrook testing, field trails and live blasts to final assembly,  training and on-going spares supply we offer a full project management solution.

Our seats have helped prime contractors and MODs around the world achieve the Nato STANAG 4569 blast mitigation standard. Developed and tested by medical practitioners MouleTec pressure relieving cushioning technology is a unique feature of VSS seats. Not only does this award-winning development offer extra comfort it helps avoid the incidence of ‘jelly legs’ for personnel having to sit for long period

Flexible, space saving, anti-blast comfort

British soldier in VSS Lightweight anti-blast seat

VSS ECD-Tech has many applications

Space saving easy fold flexibility

VSS Lightweight Crew Seat folding flexibility

Optional comfort extras

Ultra lightweight crew anti-blast seats with adjustable arms

Optional seat tipping feature

ultra-lightweight seat for armored vehicles

Optional height adjustment feature

Armored vehicle seat with adjustable position feature

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